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This pandemic giving people the chance to fix the ecological damage they made it. I will keep continuing support to fighting Climate Change. More than $100.000 has been donated to charities on Environmental issues this year.

I almost became stateless. because of my action. This year is a great year for me. I can finally active on Environmental issues and Climate Change. but next year I have other things to focus on, helping people who seeking refuge and war victims will be my top priority.
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Millions of people around the world are stateless. 

Denied a nationality and access to basic human rights. 

In a global pandemic, stateless people are at…

At the end thanks $TSLA and $ZM helping me rising up 4 times on my networth.
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The best performing large cap stocks of the year

Nio $NIO +1,069%
Plug Power $PLUG +1,043
Tesla $TSLA +672%
Enphase $ENPH +590%
Moderna $MRNA +566%
Farfetch $FTCH +515%
Peloton $PTON +473%
Zoom $ZM +464%
SunRun $RUN +406%
Denali $DNLI +405%
DraftKings $DKNG +403%

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Snowden and Assange deserve pardons. So do the whistleblowers Trump imprisoned. by James Risen

Tetap pada akhirnya tetap ada risiko pada masa transisi ke renewable energy sih. Ya kita tunggu aja action dari UN dengan apakah akan bisa fight perubahan iklim dan masalah kerusakan lingkungan.
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Jumlah mobil listrik mencapai 323 juta pada 2040. Baterai beralih ke teknologi yang memerlukan lebih banyak nikel. Industri baterai tak lepas dari masalah lingkungan hidup. Lebih dari 200.000 hekt…

The crisis has shown that education is our most powerful tool to face any challenge.

Education prepares us to resist.

Education helps us overcome.

Education teaches us to restore.

Now it's our turn.

Let's to make sure .

Will 2021 be the year we finally see bold and decisive action on climate change?

@UN Secretary-General @antonioguterres and @HeadUNDRR took the opportunity on this year to raise the alarm.

Definitely healthcare will make it to my next year funding for NGOs.
Conflict has paralyzed healthcare systems in Yemen. These health professionals travel door-to-door to help expecting moms in rural areas where prenatal care is scarce. They were trained through initiatives from
@UNDPYemen & @WorldBank.

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New report from @FreedomofPress on the unprecedented number of journalists arrested or detained in the U.S. this year shows at least 26% of the 117 verified arrests involved an unnecessary use of force.

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This is Trump saying he wanted bigger checks to Americans on Fox a week and a half ago. Why didn’t Dems use this to their advantage in negotiating with GOP lawmakers then?

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The 5️⃣ main threats to :

🌏Changes in land & sea use
🌡️Climate change
🚨Invasive species

Ohh damnit, check this @ErvanDGM @FiliaCooLz @tabintabintabin
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TradingView Desktop Beta is here

Native multi-monitor support 🖥
Desktop experience 🧑‍💻
More speed 🏎

Be the *first* to try it:

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🌍VACCINE UPDATE (Dec. 23, p.m.)💉

The U.S. 🇺🇸 has administered 1.12 million doses (all of them first doses, we think), topping everywhere else, according to our count. (+350k from yesterday's update)


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At the very beginning of this interminable year, Justin Trudeau grew a beard. The beard was Significant, a symbol of a once-youthful prime minister who was now older and wiser and battle-scarred.

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