Trends still good for $BNGO, but i think will start partial sell on monday.

Signal having problem since the massive new user increase. I have no problem with that since I used @matrixdotorg for secure communication. Same encryption but more secure since it's running on a decentralized server.

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Verification codes are currently delayed across several providers because so many new people are trying to join Signal right now (we can barely register our excitement). We are working with carriers to resolve this as quickly as possible. Hang in there.

Nothing has changed at the first week of 2021.

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This beautiful gift of nature - Dzukou Valley is now burning 🔥 by a massive wildfire since yesterday. 💔

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[PUBLICATION] 📘 As we are entering in the , we invite you to read the Global Ocean Science Report 2020. The baseline information collected in the immediately before the start of Decade will guide all actors. 👉

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Air pollution kills 10 times more higher than the COVID19 in India.

Treat climate and ecological crisis as a crisis, not just coronavirus.

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During the pandemic, cyberattacks surged. It hasn't just been Zoom-bombing or scams. It's also a wave of schemes, likely by national intelligence agencies.

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The mayors of Boston and New Orleans argue that green infrastructure is critical to surviving both the climate and coronavirus crises. via @CityLab

This pandemic giving people the chance to fix the ecological damage they made it. I will keep continuing support to fighting Climate Change. More than $100.000 has been donated to charities on Environmental issues this year.

I almost became stateless. because of my action. This year is a great year for me. I can finally active on Environmental issues and Climate Change. but next year I have other things to focus on, helping people who seeking refuge and war victims will be my top priority.
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Millions of people around the world are stateless. 

Denied a nationality and access to basic human rights. 

In a global pandemic, stateless people are at…

At the end thanks $TSLA and $ZM helping me rising up 4 times on my networth.
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The best performing large cap stocks of the year

Nio $NIO +1,069%
Plug Power $PLUG +1,043
Tesla $TSLA +672%
Enphase $ENPH +590%
Moderna $MRNA +566%
Farfetch $FTCH +515%
Peloton $PTON +473%
Zoom $ZM +464%
SunRun $RUN +406%
Denali $DNLI +405%
DraftKings $DKNG +403%

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